What tweaks can Bypass Jailbreak Detection for Games?

If you jailbreak your devices, you will meet a problem when you open some apps like Snapchat, Fortnite, Pokemon Go etc., since those apps disallow to run on jailbroken devices.

In this article, we will share 2 tweaks for you to bypass jailbreak detection for games. They don’t always work for all game apps on all jailbroken devices but they are worth having a try.

1.KernBypass tweak to bypass jailbreak detection

KernBypass tweak is for A7-A13 devices with iOS 13 to bypass the jailbreak detection. It works for plenty of apps like PUBG, Pokemon GO++ by iSpoofer. KernBypass tweak is great but there is still a flaw so installing KernBypass Reboot Fix is necessary to improve its stability. Follow our step-by-step guide. It is easy to install them.

How to install KernBypass tweak?

Step 1: Add KernBypass tweak sources.

Tap Cydia > Source > Edit > Add(on the left upper corner)


Step 2: Enter and tap "Add Source".

If you meet an error notification, please check whether you enter the right URL and enter again or change your network to have a try.

Step 3:Wait a while and tap "Return to Cydia".


Step 4: Add KernBypass Reboot Fix sources.

Tap Cydia > Source > Edit > Add(on the left upper corner)

Step 5: Enter and tap "Add Source".

Running into "signed file isn’t vaild" error, delete the source and enter it again.

Step 6:Wait a while and tap "Return to Cydia".

Step 7: Install KernBypass Reboot Fix.

Tap iPodHacks142's Repo> All Packages > KernBypass Reboot Fix > Install > Confirm. KernBypass tweak will be installed automatically when you install KernBypass Reboot Fix.


Step 8: Tap ”Restart Springboard”

Step 9: Check it

Tap Cydia > Installed tab to check whether it is installed successfully.


Step 10: Use KernBypass on Settings to set apps enabled to bypass.


2.tsProtector 8+ tweak to bypass jailbreak detection

tsProtector 8+ tweak is another bypass jailbreak detection tweak. It works for Call of Duty on iOS 12 and iOS 13.

How to install tsProtector 8+ tweak?

Step 1: Open Cydia


Step 2: Go to Search tab and enter "tsProtector".


Step 3: Tap "tsProtector 8+" and install it.

Step 4: Wait a while and tap "Restart SpringBoard".


Stpe 5: Check it.

Tap Cydia > Installed to check whether it is installed successfully.


Step 6: Use tsProtector 8+ on Settings to set apps enabled to bypass.


As some apps will set new ways to detect whether your device is jailbroken or not, sometimes it will cause your account to be banned. Please be aware of it and google it when you are unsure whether it will happen on the apps you want to use.

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