What to do after Revoked?

Guide to what you can do after Revoked

If you meet apps crash and tell you "unable to verify", it is a high probability because certificates of those apps are revoked by Apple. You must want to know what you can do after revoke. This aritcle is the guide for it. It is divided into two parts. Part one is about 6 Tips to Fix Revoked Apps and Part two is about methods to save data. Have a look.

Part I: 6 Tips to Fix Revoked Apps

Video Tutorial:

*Tip 1: A trick to open revoked apps

This trick can open revoked apps tempararily but can't work on all devices. If it can't work for you, try other methods below.

Pros: It can reopen the revoked apps and remain the app data.

Cons: It works temporarily with parts of devices.

Video Tutorial:

Texte Tutorial:

Step 1 Turn on airplane mode and make sure WI-FI is turned off.
Anti Revoked Verify Certificate

Step 2 Go to "Settings-Safari", clear history and website data.
Anti Revoked Verify Certificate

Step 3 Open revoked apps.
Although they can't connect to the Internet at this time, they can already open normally.

Step 4 Turn off airplane mode and turn on WI-FI.
Go back to the apps, and now you can open the revoked app.

*Tip 2: FFApple

FFApple is a temporary method to open revoked apps or crash apps. Try it.

Pros: Reopen the revoked apps and keep previous data. Able to download apps from revoked Panda Helper.

Cons: Can't work on all devices.

Step 1 Go to Settings.

Step 2 Go to your wifi network and click i.

Step 3 Click Configure Proxy.

Step 4 Click Automatic; type url below( and save.

Step 5 Turn off your wifi and turn it back on.

*Tip 3: Erase All Content and Settings

Erase All Content and Settings is a temporary method to open revoked apps or crash apps.

Pros: Reopen the revoked or crash apps, and keep previous data.

Cons: Need to back up first and erase all content. It can't work on some devices.

Follow > Tutorial for "Erase All Content and Settings"<

*Tip 4: DNSCloak

DNSCloak is also a temporary method to open revoked apps or crash apps, but for some people it can work longer than the above tips. Try it.

Follow > Tutorial for "DNSCloak"<

*Tip 5: Jailbreak

Keep revoked apps and use jailbreak tools like unc0ver to jailbreak devices, then revoked apps can be opened. We test this way on iPhone and iPad, and it works well.

If you would like to install other apps from Panda Helper, please delete the revoked Panda Helper and install Panda Helper jailbroken version after you install AppSync Unified tweak from Cydia.

Tutorials for Panda Helper jallbroken version and AppSync Unified tweak.

Pros: This method can reopen the revoked apps and remain previous data.

Cons: Jailbroken detections of some apps will cause those apps unable to be used and other potential risks. Please think it over and google jailbreak before you decide.

You may be interested in:
*How to bypass jailbroken detections for bank apps?
*What Tweaks can Bypass Jailbreak Detection for Games?

*Tip 6: Sign apps IPA files on PC

Signing apps on PC is another way to get apps. Before you sign apps, please backup data first if you don't want to lose data, and delete revoked apps when you expect to sign apps have been revoked because apps can't co-exist.

Pros: Signed apps can last 7 days without revoke.

Cons: Resign after 7 days and the maximun of signing apps on one Apple ID is 3. There is a failure rate of signing and installing apps.

Step 1 Download app IPA files from Panda Helper Web Version on PC
There are a number of app IPA files provided from Panda Helper.Guide

Step 2 Sign and Install app IPA files
AltSigner supports for Windows OS and Altdeploy for MacOS.

*Tip 7: Panda Helper VIP

Panda Helper VIP is another method to get apps when revoked as Panda Helper VIP supports super certificates which are working certificates. (Check our official website for super certificates info.)


*Tip 8: Reintall Panda Helper

The team will fix revoked certificates. So when you meet this problem, please go to our website to reinstall Panda Helper and check whether we solve.

If we fix it,

you are able to see a download button after installing a profile successfully on Panda Helper website.

At that time, please backup data first > delete all revoked apps including Panda Helper App > reinstall them. Remember to trust the certificate after installing Panda Helper:
Settings>General>Profiles&Device Management>click 【ENTERPRISE APP】>Trust.

If not,

you will see a revoked notification so that please follow our twitter account @PandaHelperApp to know when we solve and try methods above we suggest while working on it.

Part II: How to Save data

For people able to use the temporary method】Use Panda save data feature to back up your game data if they can't be saved in Apple Game Center. Guide

For people unable to use the temporary method】Use iTunes or iCloud to back up data. Guide

If you need help, please contact our customer service:

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