"Pokémon GO" Modifies Battle Requirements Help Players Remotely Meet Friends

According to Gamespot reports, the Pokémon GO game has changed the inter-player requirements, and players can now play remotely.

It has been reported before that "Pokémon GO" has reduced the method of capturing Pokémon due to the epidemic. Although 30 free incenses were given to players for free, hatching still requires players to travel a small amount.

With the change of the Coronavirus epidemic situation in European countries, Niantic has updated the game's fighting mechanism again. Players have now been added to the remote battle "Go Battle League" that originally required to be a best friend to unlock.

In addition, players now have three times the daily experience of catching Pokémon for the first time. A special 100-Pokémon ball bundle has been added to the shop.

If you haven't bought 30-Pokémon bundle before, you can still buy them now. The specials will last until the 30th of this month, and this form of new special bundles will be launched every week.

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