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Panda Helper VIP FAQ

Panda Helper VIP FAQ:

1. How to install VIP Panda?

Please go to our official site to download VIP version:Panda Helper VIP Download (Please turn off the private mode on Safari).

2. Can't install profile successfully. It is like a loop. What can I do?

Meet profile problems, try these ways:

If you have used private mode on Safari to download VIP Panda, please turn it off and try again.

Not using the private mode, please clean up the safari cache and retry.

If you meet "cannot connect to the server," please restart the iPhone and then change DNS of wifi: Settings--WIFI--DNS, change the DNS to or to re-install.

3. The profile is not shown up after downloading. What can I do?

Please wait a while after you download it. It will show on these places (Look below pictures).
Panda Helper VIP FAQ

4. I pay for VIP Panda, but I can't get it. What can I do?

Please check the bill status first on your Paypal or Alipay.

If it is a "completed" bill, it may take 10 mins to send the final payment result to us. After 10 mins, please clean up Safari's cache then try to click "Download VIP Version" on our official website again.

If you still fail to install, please record the video, copy and paste your device UDID, and your PayPal account email to us. (Don't use a picture) We'll check it.

If it is a "pending" bill, it means Paypal delays your payment, and we don't receive your money, so you can't use the service. We recommend that you apply for a refund yourself in your Paypal account and change another bank card to make a new payment, or wait until Paypal has processed the bill. And you will be able to download it after we receive the money.

5. I meet the "Prompt" notices. What can I do?Panda Helper VIP FAQPanda Helper VIP FAQ

Go to iPhone Settings--Privacy--Advertising--turn off the limit Ad Tracking

Open Panda VIP or some apps where show these tips, tap "ok/sure" to install profile again.

6. Meet "Important Notice." What can I do?

If you purchase or renew Panda, you could choose "Reset Device" to install a new profile successfully. It will fix it. If it can't be fixed, please record the videos and send your UDID to us.Panda Helper VIP FAQ

- How to get UDID:

  1. Go to Panda Helper VIP website.
  2. Install a profile successfully.
  3. You will see an ID there.
  4. Copy it to us.