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Panda Cheat Engine Q&A

Panda Cheat Engine Q&A

Q: What is Panda Cheat Enigne?
A:Panda Cheat Engine is a tool for people to hack the game on your own. The basic usage is to change the values on the game as pepople expect. It supports cheating XP, golds, coins, HP, SP and more according to the games.

Q: Where is Panda Cheat Engine?
A: Panda Cheat engine is on the floating icon. You will see the floating icon when you open the games downloaded from Panda Helper. If you can't see Panda Cheat Engine after tapping the floating icon, it means Panda Cheat Engine doesn't support the game.

Q: How to use Panda Cheat Engine?
A: The basic usage of Panda Cheat Engine is to locate the value place and change it. Here is a detailed guide about how to use Panda Cheat Engine. Have a look: Usage of Panda Cheat Engine

Q: Running into crashing problem during using Panda Cheat Engine, what can I do?
A: Check whether the number you want to change is too small. If it is, please increase it and then try again. When it is too small, it will make the app crash.

Q: Why does the value not change after using Panda Cheat Engine?
A: Please check again whether you use Panda Cheat Engine correctly. If it is the first time you have tried Panda Cheat Engine, we recommend you to follow the tutorial of Panda Cheat Engine to try again.

If you have used Panda Cheat Engine successfully on other games, but the value doesn't change as you expect on this game. It means Panda Cheat Engine doesn't support changing this value. Sometimes the cheat engine can't work on some games, but sometimes it can be because the game's developer has made settings to prevent cheating.
However, there is a probability that the cheat engine could be applied to other values. It needs you to explore.

When you need help, please contact us: panda.helper.com@gmail.com

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