Panda Bot FAQ

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Panda Bot is now available on all Panda versions. Whether you are a Panda VIP, a Panda free user, or a Panda Repo Jailbreak user, you can experience Panda Bot.

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Panda Bot FAQ

A. Bots Available

  • Summoners War Bot
  • Clash of Clans Bot
  • Hayday Bot
  • Brawl Stars Bot
  • Tap Titans 2 Bot

Every users can start the 30-min free trial every 24 hours.
You can purchase additional duration if you want to get longer hours of use per day.
Panda Bot FAQ


1.What is Panda Bot?

  • Panda Bot is an intelligent game assistant that works as finger clicks to auto-farm.
  • Panda Bot doesn’t tamper data, so it is safe and won’t be discovered.
  • Currently Panda Bot only works on iOS and you don’t have to jailbreak to use it.
  • Panda Bot is based on unhacked apps (directly from App Store) and is not compatible with Hack or Private Server version.

2.How to use Panda Bot?

  • Download Panda Helper First (Available on all Panda versions - including Panda VIP, Panda Free and Panda Repo Jailbreak)

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3.Supported devices

  • Bots that are currently available support all the iPhone devices and some of the iPad. You can check detailed supporting information in Bot List>>Bot name>>Bot Details>>Supported Devices.
  • On generations before the iPhone X, please go to settings>>display and brightness>>DISPLAY ZOOM/View and switch the mode to [Standard]

4.How to recharge in the game?

  • Uninstall the Bot version and install the unhacked version (directly from App Store) to recharge.
  • The Bot version refers to the unhacked version loaded with Panda Bot.
  • The unhacked version refers to the App Store version.

C. About Bots

1.Bug occurs when the Bot runs.

  • The Bot is currently undergoing beta-tests. You will be highly appreciated if you send us feedback on what problems you have run into while using, along with the game you are playing and the system you are using so that we can eliminate the potential problems and perfect Panda Bot. Feedback link: Click here to redirect

2.Having difficulty or problems in setting or using the Bot?

If you are new to the Bot, you can click [About] on the Bot Details page to read the Instructions for Use to help you get a quick start.

3.Problems occur when running the Bot on a supported device.

  • Try going to settings>>display and brightness>>DISPLAY ZOOM/View and switch the mode to [Standard], then restart the game.
  • Please keep your device’s charging port facing your right hand or make sure that the Portrait Orientation Lock button is off in case of wrong clicks by the Bot.

4.The Bot stops running after running for a while.

To prevent the Bot from erroneous clicks, drag and drop the AssistiveTouch or other float

Panda Bot
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