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How to Auto Resign Apps IPA Files Forever without Revoke via ReProvision?

Keeping apps without revoke needs a tweak called ReProvsion to help. It enables apps to be auto resigned and it is free to use. ReProvision is a free tweak for jailbreak devices to sign apps IPA files. Its biggest advantage is to automatically resign local apps on your devices after 7 days. In other words, it could keep apps without revoke forever.

ReProvsion requires Apple ID and password to sign apps IPA files when you use. If you are worried about safety of Apple ID, please using unimportant Apple ID to sign apps. Now you rest assured.

How to install ReProvision?

Step 1: Add ReProvision source.

Tap Cydia > Source > Edit > Add(on the left upper corner)


Step 2: Enter repo.incendo.ws

Step 3:Wait a while and tap "Return to Cydia".

Step 4: Install ReProvision.

Tap Matchstic > All Packages > ReProvision > Modify> Install > Confirm


Step 5 : Install it successfully.

Wait a while and tap "Restart SpringBoard". Then ReProvision is on the screen.


Install app IPA files via ReProvision

When you use ReProvision to sign and install apps IPA files, it requires Apple ID and password. It is the same as using Cydia Impactor. If you worry about the safety of Apple ID, we suggest you use unimportant Apple ID or register a new one.

Except for Apple ID and password, you need to have App IPA files on your device. Panda Helper lite has provided hack games, tweaked apps and paid apps IPA Files. You can easily download them from Panda Helper Lite version. Here is the tutorial: how to get IPA files.

Step 1: Enter your Apple ID and password.


Step 2: Share app IPA files via ReProvision.

Keeping app IPA files on NOTES is easier to find after downloading them from Safari. Therefore, the picture shows the IPA file is on NOTES.


Step 3: Tap "install" button.

If ReProvision shows errors after signing apps, please turn off ReProvision from the background and retry. Apps will be on the homescreen when it is completed.


Step 4: Trust the certificates

In order to use the app, please follow this to trust the certificates: Settings>General>Profiles&Device Management>Developer App >Trust.


Note: The Maximum of apps you can sign and install from ReProvision is three and they can last 7 days without revoke. After 7 days, it will automatically resign if you turn on the option "Automatically Re-Sign".


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