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[Panda App SIgner] Why The Gray Icon Displayed After The Signed App Installed?

Q:Why is the gray icon displayed after my signed app is installed?

A: The gray icon indicates that the certificate used by this app has been revoked or expired. Please click to re-sign. If it is still a gray icon after resigning, please go to the official website (http://m.pandahelp.vip/?s=gg) to update Panda Helper VIP to the latest version and then try it again.

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Panda App Signer is a new feature for Panda Helper VIP users that can help you re-sign apps by self. With Panda App Signer, you can sign the App you want to install. Even if it is not available for download in Panda Helper or other third-party stores, you can install it on your phone by yourself with Panda App Signer.

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