/ remove checkra1n jailbreak

Unjailbreak Devices: Remove checkra1n Jailbreak

Removing checkra1n jailbreak is through using checkra1n jailbreak tool again to finish if you intend to stop jailbreking status of your devices. There are different reasons for people to restore their devices. Some people are fed up of it, and some people regret jailbreaking their devices. Whatever your reasons are, this article will teach you how to remove checkra1n jailbreak in detail.

How to remove checkra1n jailbreak?

Step 1: Open checkra1n app on your jailbroken devices.

Step 2: Tap "Restore System" option.

Step 3: Wait for it to remove jaibreak.

Step 4: Restart devices automatically after finishing removing.

Note: If you see Cydia icon on your devices after removing jailbreak, don’t worry about it. It will disappear after a few days becasue it is the cache of Cydia.

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