Tutorial: How to auto-scroll on Zynn Hack with Panda AutoTouch?

What Is Panda AutoTouch 2.0?

Panda AutoTouch 2.0 is a tool for recording and playing back the touch actions. It is used to record and playback your operations in your iOS mobile device WITHOUT JAILBREAK. You may use it to play games automatically to gain more score and coins.
Panda AutoTouch

Zynn Auto Scroll

Step 1: Download and Install Panda Helper VIP

First, you need to download the Zynn app from Panda Helper, if you don't already have Panda Helper VIP installed, you can go to Panda Helper official website to download and install.
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Step 2: Install Zynn

Search for Zynn in Panda Helper VIP, download and install Zynn on your iPhone.
zynn hack auto scroll

Step 3:

Open the Zynn app which is downloaded from Panda Helper and you will see Panda icon on the app interface.
zynn hack auto scroll

Step 4:

Tap on the Panda icon, find the Auto Touch function, and click to Run.
zynn hack auto scroll

Step 5: Now we start to record the action

Click on record and then click the bottom-left button to start recording. All you need to do is go through the video like a normal viewer and scroll up.
zynn hack auto scroll

Step 6: Stop recording

Click the bottom-left button again to stop recording, and save it with a file name.
zynn hack auto scroll

Step 7: Playback the gesture

Open panda Auto Touch again, and tap on playback to run the record file I saved just now. Set the playback times and intervals.
zynn hack auto scroll

Step 8: Zynn scroll up automatically

Zynn has started to auto view an Panda Auto Touch will keep repeating the action.

Zynn Auto Touch Video:

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