Terraria updated version 1.4, number of players skyrocketed in a short time

As a sandbox construction game released in 2011, "Terraria" has always been very popular.Recently, with the update of version 1.4 of "Terraria", the popularity of the game has skyrocketed again, and the number of players has skyrocketed by 9.1 times.

Just on May 16th, the classic sandbox building game "Terraria" officially updated the 1.4 version of the game in the expectation of many players. The official name of the new version is "Terraria: Journey's End". Perhaps this also heralds the end of "Terraria" officially.

With the update of version 1.4 of Terraria, the popularity of the game should also skyrocket.According to the data provided by the website steamdb, the peak number of players in Terraria in the past 24 hours was 489886, and this number was generated at approximately 7 pm on May 16.The data at 4:30 pm on May 16th showed that the number of players at that time was 53,784. By comparing the above two numbers, we can see that the number of players in Terraria increased by more than 9 times before and after the update.

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