Spotify tries to compete with Clubhouse by acquiring audio social startup

Streaming music giant Spotify has announced that it has acquired Betty Labs, the developer of social media app Locker Room, to accelerate its move into the live-streaming space.

Spotify compete with Clubhouse

Gustav Söderström, Spotify's chief research and development officer, said creators and fans have been calling for the inclusion of live streaming on Spotify, and the acquisition of Betty Labs will soon enable Spotify to offer live streaming to hundreds of millions of users and creators on its platform.

Locker Room officially launched in October 2020, and its users consist primarily of sports fans who chat on Locker Room and groups who use Locker Room to live stream parties.

Locker Room plans to improve and add features in the coming months, offering sports, music, and cultural programming, as well as inviting athletes, singers, and other celebrities to interact with fans live.

We are excited to join forces with Spotify to continue building the future of Locker Room," said Howard Akumiah, founder and CEO of Betty Labs. We will invest more in the product, open up the experience to Spotify users, enrich our content, and continue to expand the community we've built."

Spotify compete with Clubhouse 1

The new crown epidemic has seen rapid growth in audio social platforms, such as Clubhouse, which has been very popular in recent months.

The success of Clubhouse, an instant audio social app, has caught the eye of many companies, including some tech giants. According to media reports, Twitter Inc. is testing an instant audio application and plans to publicly launch it in April. Also, Facebook is also trying to develop its instant audio service.

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