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Q&A for Apps Unable to Verify, Crash, or Grey icon

Q&A for apps not working when certificates work

When certificates work, you still meet "unable to verify", crash or grey icon like revoke. You may have doubts about it and want to know how to solve. Here we are going to answer questions you may have.

Note: when certificates revoke, those problems appear on apps as well. Check how to use apps after revoke.

1. Why do you meet grey icon, crash or unable to verify when certificates work?

As your devices or apps you installed have been added to the certs blocklists. Your device is safe but you can't use apps on certs due to it. The blocklist is added on iOS 13 & 14. Devices with iOS 13 below don't have the problem.

2. How to solve the blocklist problem?

>Method 1: Remove blocklists

  1. Panda Helper team needs to remove apps from the blocklist.
  2. You need to remove your device from the blocklist by erasing all content and settings after you backup your device data. Guide
  3. After 1& 2, you can reinstall apps.

>Method 2: Super certificates

Panda Helper VIP Super Certificates is another method to get apps when the blocklist problem happens. Super certificates are working certificates without blocklist problems. (Check our official website for super certificates info.)


>Method 3: Jailbreak devices

Jailbroken devices don't have the blocklist and revoke problem, so it is a method to solve it. Download Panda Helper jailbroken version after you jailbreak and install AppSync Unified tweak. Tutorials for Panda Helper jallbroken version and AppSync Unified tweak.

Cons: Jailbroken detections of some apps will cause those apps unable to be used and other potential risks. Please think it over and google jailbreak before you decide.

>Method 4: Sign apps on your own

If you have PC or Mac, you are able to sign apss on your own to avoid the blocklist problem. Download Apps IPA files from Panda Helper Web version and sign them. Here is everything you need to know about it : Download and Sign App IPA Files (Need PC)

3. How do I know what apps have removed from the blocklists?

Need at least two or three days to remove all apps from the blocklist due to Panda Helper's huge apps library. But we will tweet part of the removed apps first for you. You can check other apps later after we tweet. Panda Helper official Twitter

4. How to feedback if I meet the blocklist app?

Send the name of the blocklist app and your system (e.g., iOS 13.4 ) to us: panda.helper.com@gmail.com

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