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Introduce different versions of Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a professional third party iOS app store, which provides a variety of hacked apps, tweaked apps and paid apps for free for iPhone and iPad users. Moreover, it not only offers hacked apps, but also furnishes effective and powerful services for users like Speeder, Cheat Engine, Auto Click and more. (If you are intereste in them, here is a more detailed story about Panda Features)

Panda Helper team has designed four versions of Panda Helper specially to meet different users' need so we will show you what they are and give you idea what is the most suitable for you.

1. Panda Helper Regular (Free) Version

Panda Helper Regular version provides access to download hacked apps, tweaked apps and paid apps for free, such as Youtube++, Pokemon Go++, Minecraft, Tinder++, Instagram++ and more.

2. Panda Helper VIP VersionPanda-Helper-VIP-Version

Panda Helper VIP version is for the VIP members of Panda Helper. VIP users are able to download all apps on Panda Helper including free apps and exclusive apps like Guns of Boom, Another Eden, Kim Kardashian Hack. Besides downloading apps on Panda Helper, VIP users can enjoy exclusive features like App Cloner, Cloud Save, Cheat Engine and Save Data.

3. Panda Helper Jailbroken Version

Panda Helper Jailbroken version is designed for jailbroken users without revoke problems. If you want to use it, please make sure you jailbreak your devices and then downlaod it.

People could get a host of apps in Panda Helper Jailbroken version for free. If you are our VIP members, you not only enjoy free apps in Panda Helper Jailbroken, but also can download VIP apps directly from Panda Helper Jailbroken version.

It also has a web version to install apps but it won't support VIP apps.

4. Panda Helper Web Version

Panda Helper Web version is for people who wants apps IPA files. Users can download IPA files from Panda Helper web version. What's more, you could download apps directly from Panda Helper Web version without downloading Panda Helper apps. CAN'T DOWNLOAD VIP APPS IPA FILES.

Tutorial for getting IPA files from Panda Helper Web version. Have a look:
How to Download Apps IPA Files from Panda Helper

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