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How To Save data when youtube++/spotify++/deezer++ Crashed

Are you looking for the way to save application's data when apps from TutuApp or Panda Helper crash?If yes,we have a method for you.The following steps will help you to restore apps' data when youtube++/spotify++/deezer++ crash.We would like to take youtube++ as an example,the same solutions to the other apps.

Step 1: Before deleting the crashed app,you have to create a new backup of your iPhone in order to restore.Go to the link http://zs.tongbu.com/ovip and install Tongbu Assistant to make a backup.
How To Save data when apps Crashed
Step 2: Open Tongbu Assistant and connect iPhone to computer with data cable.

Step 3: Click "Backup & Restore",when Tongbu Assistant recognizes the device.
How To Save data when apps Crashed
Step 4: Click "Create backup" and Choose to mack a new backup.It needs to take a while for the backup to complete.
How To Save data when apps Crashed
Step 5: Once done,you can delete the crashed app.And reload it from the third app store like Panda Helper(http://m.pandahelp.vip/?s=gg
How To Save data when apps Crashed
Step 6: Then open Tongbu Assistant to restore data.Click "Backup & Restore".
How To Save data when apps Crashed
Step 7: Select the backup just in the list and Click"Rstore".
How To Save data when apps Crashed
Step 8: Once done,check out the app and you will find the old data.
How To Save data when apps Crashed

Moreover,we would like to recommend you to upgrade to Panda Helper Vip by year card to avoid the same thing from happening to you in the future.Apps from Panda Helper Vip are more stable and may not crash as often as it happens in Regular version.No ads and better users expreience whlie using Panda Helper VIP.

Download Panda Helper Vip: go to Panda Helpe official website http://m.pandahelp.vip/?s=gg or Scan QR code.Then click"Download Premium Version" to download Panda Helper VIP.
Fix Crashing Panda Helper
Fix Crashing Panda Helper

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