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How to Get More Energy in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

How to Get More Energy in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

Kim Kardashian Hollywood brings people to experience the celebrity life and become a celebrity people wish. If you have dreamed of being a star in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the game to make your dream come true. You have chances to get through with Hollywood stars, agencies, photographers and experience a red carpet adventure.
More Energy in Kim Kardashian Hollywood
As you know, to pass those fasiciating adventure in Kim Kardashian Hollywood needs Energy to play. If you don't have enough energy, you can't experience the game continously. Now this is not a problem. Because we find a way to enjoy more energy in KKH for free. You are able to enjoy the game without worries about energy. We want to share it to you. Let's see what it is.

How to Get More Energy in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

In this part, we will show you the way to get more energy for free in KKH. We will use a hack tool called DLG to help us. It can work on iOS devices well. The basic usage of it is to find the value you want to change and change it as you wish through serveral times to search the value. That is why you can get more energy in KKH. Follow the detailed steps below to get it. Notice: the use of DLG may cause your account to be banned at your own risk.

1. Download and install Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from Regular Panda Helper.

Regular Panda Helper is a free version of Panda Helper app store.

If you don't want to download Panda Helper App, using web version of Panda Helper is another option.

For jailbroken users, Panda Helper jailbroken version is more suitable for you.

2. Open KKH and there is a "DLG"icon.


3. Search Energy value on DLG.

Look at the picture. The energy value is 17 now so you enter 17 on DLG and tap "search" button to find the energy value restored place.
Remember to choose "=" and "sInt" on DLG. When you choose them, they will show blank rectangle box like the following picture.

4. Wait for the search result showing.


5. Go back to use energy so as to change the energy value.

6. Search Energy value again on DLG.

Now energy is 15 after using. We search 15 on DLG based on the previous found result.

7.Change the value of the found results.

After we search 15, there are 12 results showing up. We could change the value of the found results. Tap"M"button, enter the value you want and tap "OK" to change the value. You could change the top 3 or 4 results and go back to KKH page to check whether the value is changed successfully. If not changing successfully, please change the left results.

If the found results are still many or it doesn't show up "M" button to change the value, please using energy value again and find it again to minimize the range until it shows up results with "M" button.


8.Go back to enjoy the unlimited energy!

If you nearly run out of energy, using "DLG" as the above steps to get again. Have fun!

Get More Energy in Kim Kardashian Hollywood with Android

For Android users, if you want to free get unlimited energy in KKH, therer is a mod version of Kim Kardashian Hollywood for you on Panda Helper Android version. In this Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod, you are able to get: 1. Unlimited Cash (Money) 2. Unlimited Stars (Kstars) 3. Unlimited Energy. Download it on Panda Helper Android.

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