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How to Fix Abnormal Device ID for Panda Helper VIP?

How to Fix Abnormal Device ID for Panda Helper VIP?

If you get a message : Device ID is abnormal after installing a profile, it means the profile doesn’t be installed successfully so it shows up. We will show you the solution to solve it.

The solution to fix Device ID abnormal:

1.Tap "Re-verify" to install the profile.

Usually the profile will be installed successfully when you install it again.


2. Turn private browsing off and install the profile again.

If you use private browsing, please turn it off: Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad. > Tap the new page button > Tap Private, then tap Done.


3.If you don’t use private mode:

Clean up the Safari cache, restart your device and change your network,then install the profile again.
Follow it to clean cache: Settings > Safari > Clean History and Website Data.


Note: Meet "cannot connect server" when you install the profile since it may be the network problem. Try those ways to fix.

  • Restart your devices, and change DNS of wifi to or to try. (Here is an instruction of changing DNS) then install the profile.
  • Or change the wifi or using your mobile network or vpn to try again.

Contact our customer service if you need help: panda.helper.com@gmail.com

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