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How do you Install AppSync Unified after Jailbreak?

Install AppSync Unified after Jailbreak

[Update: AppSync Unified tweak for iOS 14 on Panda Helper Repo ]

AppSync Unified is supposed to be installed after jailbreaking devices because AppSync Unified is a tweak that allow people to install apps IPA packages. If you don’t install AppSync Unified, you can’t install app IPA files successfully.

How to Install AppSync Unified from Panda Helper Repo

Follow the steps to install AppSync Unified.

Notice: If you have installed this tweak, you may not see it on Panda Helpr Repo. Uninstall and reinstall it from Panda Helper Repo.

Step 1: Add AppSync Unified source.

Tap Cydia > Source > Edit > Add (on the left upper corner)


Step 2: Enter "https://apt.pandahelp.vip".

Enter Panda Helper Repo

Step 3:Wait for it to be added.

Step 4: Install AppSync Unified.

Go to Panda Helper's Repo and install the suitable AppSync Unified tweak.

AppSync Unfied supporting A12 works for iOS 14.3.

AppSync Unified is situable for devices earlier than iOS 14.

AppSync Unified for iOS 14 support iOS 14/iOS14.1/iOS 14.2.


Step 5: Check it.

Tap Cydia > Installed to check whether it is installed successfully.


If you need help, contact: panda.helper.com@gmail.com

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