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Hay Day Valley Season 16 has Taken Place: How to Enter it?

Hay Day Valley Season 16 has started

Hay Day Valley Season 16 has kicked off. Have you joined this event? Wait, you can't enter it? You may be stuck in the last Valley Season. Let's see how to solve it and enter the newest.


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What is Hay Day Valley?

Hay Day Valley is a place where players can drive their truck to delivery goods to its inhabitants, send sancturary animals back and fulfill the request. It is unlocked at the farm level 25.


Players can go into the Valley when the Valley season starts. A season usually lasts about three weeks. If there is a poster on the Valley board, it means Valley season starts.

How to Enter Hay Day Valley Season?

When the valley season starts, just tap the valley board to enter valley and join the valley season.

Notice: you should leave the last valley season first if you joined it. If you don't leave, you can't see the newest valley season and take part in it.

How to Leave the last Valley Season and Enter the Newest?

  1. Tap Valley Board and go to the piggy bank.
  2. Press "Leave Valley".


  1. Select "Leave Valley" again when a notice tells you that your token on the last valley season will be added to your piggy bank.


  1. Now you leave the last Valley Season and tap the valley board again to enter the newest one!

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