[Guide] Download and Sign App IPA Files when Revoked (Need PC)

Tutorial about getting IPA files from Panda Helper and Signing them

Signing apps on PC is another way to get apps when revoked. Before you sign apps, please backup data first if you don't want to lose data. And delete revoked apps when you expect to sign apps have been revoked because apps can't co-exist.

Pros: Signed apps can last 7 days without revoke.

Cons: Have to resign after 7 days. The maximun of signing apps on one Apple ID is 3. There is a failure rate of signing and installing apps.


  • PC/Mac
  • App IPA files
  • Cable

[Guide]How to Download and Sign App IPA Files when Revoked

1. Open web version Panda Helper on PC/Mac.

2. Find the apps you want.


3. Enter the app you want.
Don’t need to tap the install button.


4. Click three-line button in the bottom right corner.

5. Click "Download .IPA File to install with Altsigner".


6. Get the IPA file on computers.

7. Sign and Install app IPA files.

video tutorial for Windows users:

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