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Fix Revoked unc0ver & Unable to Verify App

Running into crash problem or unable to verify message when you jailbreak your devices with unc0ver is due to revocation of unc0ver, which means the certificate of unc0ver is revoked by Apple, so you can't use unc0ver now. Don't worry. We have several solutions for you. Follow them to fix the problems.

Method 1: Fix Revoked unc0ver without computer for unjailbroken devices

Since this method doesn’t require other tools to help, before you try other methods, use this solution first. What’s more, you can apply it to other revoked apps.

Step 1: Turn on airplane mode and make sure WI-FI is turned off.

Anti Revoked Verify Certificate

Step 2: Go to "Settings-Safari", and clear history and website data.

Anti Revoked Verify Certificate

Step 3: Open unc0ver.
Although devices can't connect to the Internet at this time, apps can already open normally.

Step 4: Turn on network.
Turn off airplane mode and turn on WI-FI to connect to the network.

Step 5: Use apps as normally.

Note:This method is a temporary way to open revoked apps and sometimes it can’t work on parts of devices. If it can’ t work, try other methods.

Method 2: Install unc0ver jailbreak tool with Panda Helper

Reinstall revoked unc0ver and download Panda Helper to get worked unc0ver. Panda Helper is a third-party app store with access to hack apps, tweak apps and paid apps for iOS devices. If you come across the same issue when you use unc0ver downloaded from Panda Helper, using Method 1 to have a try.

Step 1: Download and install Panda Helper app.
If you cannot open it after installation, you need to go to [Settings-General-Profile and Device Management] to trust the relevant certificate.

unc0ver iOS13.5.5 beta

Stpe 2: Search for unc0ver and download.
If you cannot open it after installation, please go to [Settings-General-Profile and Device Management] to trust the corresponding certificate.

Step 3: Open unc0ver after installation completed.

unc0ver iOS13.5.5 beta

Method 3: Using Altsigner to fix revoked unc0ver with PC

Since revoked unc0ver can't be opened, siging unc0ver on your own is another way to get the use again. Altsigner is a tool for signing and installing apps IPA files on all Windows systems.

When you use it to sign apps, apps will last 7 days without revoke. It means unc0ver can work 7 days without revoke issue. After 7 days, using Altsigner to resign unc0ver will get the use of unc0ver again.

Step 1: Download and install Altsigner on PC.
Notice: AltSigner needs to run on iTunes support. Please ensure that you have iTunes installed correctly on your PC.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to the computer with a cable, and AltSigner will recognize the UDID of your device. And input Apple ID with account and password. If you worry about the safety of Apple ID, we recommend you use an umimportant Apple ID to sign apps.


Step 3: Click Star icon to browse the list of popular apps and choose Unc0ver iOS 13.5 IPA to download.


Step 4: Once the download is complete, click "Start" and wait for Unc0ver iOS 13.5 IPA signing progress to complete. This signing process takes about a few seconds.

Step 5: After the signing process is completed, you can see Unc0ver iOS 13.5 IPA file that has been successfully signed in the list below.


Step 6: Click to install, then the installation of Unc0ver iOS 13.5 IPA will start, and it will appear on the iPhone desktop.

Step 7: Before using the app, you need to go "Settings-General-Profile and device management" and trust the certificate.


Method 4: Using ReProvision to fix revoked unc0ver for jailbroken devices

ReProvision is a tweak used to automatically resign apps from your devices without PC. A prerequisite to use ReProvision is that your devices are jailbroken. ReProvision can automatically

If your devices are jailbroken, follow this ariticle to use ReProvision to sign apps.

How to Auto Resign Apps IPA Files Forever without Revoke via ReProvision?

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