Epic Games Store Limited-Time Free Games:The Stanley Parable And Watch Dogs

From now to March 26, 2 new limited-time free games in the Epic Games store are the Stanley Parable and the action game Watch Dogs, which are now available for free.
The Stanley Parable Limited Time Free
The Stanley Parable is a first person exploration game. You will play as Stanley, and you will not play as Stanley. You will follow a story, you will not follow a story. You will have a choice, you will have no choice.
The Stanley Parable Limited Time Free
The game will end, the game will never end. Contradiction follows contradiction, the rules of how games should work are broken, then broken again. This world was not made for you to understand.

But as you explore, slowly, meaning begins to arise, the paradoxes might start to make sense, perhaps you are powerful after all. The game is not here to fight you; it is inviting you to dance.
The Stanley Parable Limited Time Free
Watch Dogs is set in a background that today's hyper-connected world, Chicago operates under CTOS, the most advanced computer network in America.
Watch Dogs Limited Time Free
You are Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker but also a former thug, who’s criminal past lead to a violent family tragedy. In a world led by technology, you will be able to hack and manipulate the city's systems to stop traffic lights, detonate gas lines, turn off the electrical grid and more. The city of Chicago has become the ultimate weapon for a man bent on revenge.
Watch Dogs Limited Time Free

How To Get Free Games On Epic Games Store?

  1. Go to the Epic Games Store and register an account.

  2. On the homepage of the Epic Games Store, you can find the "Free Games" section.

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