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Apple is Sending "Jailbroken iPhones" to Security Program Participants these days

Official "Jailbroken iPhones" are sent to users for research

According to MacRumors' report, Apple is sending special iPhones to the first participants in Security Research Device Program(SRD). The public jokingly call them "JAILBROKEN IPHONES" as they are similar to jailbroken devices with less locked restrictions than consumers' normal devices.


Apple announced this program since July, 2020 in order to improve Apple iDevices security. The goal of the Security Research Device Program is to create a easier enviroment for researchers to discover and report security vulnerabilites in Apple System without jailbreaking devices on their own. If researchers discover and report bug and vulnerabilites, Apple will reward them with a bounty. That's why some jailbroken developers report bugs to Apple and gradually become security researchers for Apple.


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