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Anti-Revoked Trick: How To Re-Verify Revoked Certificate? (Open Revoked App)

As we all know, the revocation of a certificate is a force majeure problem. Here I will share an anti-revoked trick without jailbreaking and simple operation. This temporary method can be used to make your apps available even when the certificate is revoked.
Anti Revoked Verify Certificate

Anti-Revoked Trick:

When the certificate is revoked and you can't open the app normally, don't delete the unavailable app from your phone. Follow the steps below:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Turn on airplane mode and make sure WI-FI is turned off.
Anti Revoked Verify Certificate

Step 2

Go to “Settings-Safari”, clear history and website data.
Anti Revoked Verify Certificate

Step 3

Open Panda Helper and other games with expired certificate, although they can't connect to the Internet at this time, they can already open normally.

Step 4

Finally, turn off airplane mode and turn on WI-FI to connect to the network. Go back to the apps, and now you can open the revoked app.

Advantage And Disadvantage:

* advantage:

No jailbreak, easy to operate.

* Disadvantages:

The available time is short and can only be used temporarily. Even if you don't shut down, you may need to re-verify it after a while.

Re-Download After Being Fixed

The Panda Helper team will work hard to fix the certificate issue. When the repair is complete, go to the official website to re-download and trust the new certificate, you can use it again.

Download the repaired Panda Helper: http://m.pandahelp.vip/?s=gg
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