A method for resolving certificate unavailability with DNSCloak

Recently, Apple has strengthened its certificate revocation prevention mechanism, and we have found new ways to avoid Apple's revocation.

If you are also experiencing certificate revoke, you can try the following method.

*There is no guarantee that it will work for every device, so please be patient and make multiple attempts.

Set with DNSCloak

  1. Download DNSCloak app

  1. Check the Wifi Configure Proxy and VPN Configure, and disable the ffapple proxy if you have added it.
    Skip this step if you haven't added a ffapple proxy before.

  2. Download blacklist-panda.txt and save it to your Device.

  3. Open "DNSCloak" App, and tap on the 3 lines in the left corner.
    Install DNSCloak

  4. In DNSCloak Settings turn on "Connect on Demand.
    DNSCloak settings

  5. Tab on [Blacklist and Whitelist].
    DNScload blacklist

  6. Then turn on "Enable Blacklist", a file menu will open and select the downloaded file [ocsp-panda.txt].
    upload blacklist file

  7. Go back to the main page and Select the DNSServer [Cloudflare].
    Select DNS proxy

  8. Now open settings and make sure VPN is Enabled from DNSCloak App.
    VPN Settings

  9. Open Settings app and Clear The History and website Data for Safari Browser.

Go to [Settings-Safari-Clear History and Website Data]

Clear Safari Settings
11. You Should now Be able to install Apps! Go to download Panda Helper

Download Panda Helper

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