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CyberSphere: TPS Online Action-Shooting Game Mod

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Modified Description

*MOD features* 1. Free Shopping (You can choose any outfit, even if it is not purchased)


App Description

The invasion began 54 years ago. They came out of nowhere, their robot armies smashed our defence in a week, but we did not surrender. We fought, we studied out enemy, and we started to win. Now is 2077, and we are ready to stop this war.We have super-powerful energy and explosive weapons. We used some of extraterrestrial technologies to create our own battle robots and power armor for our soldiers.And we have a plan to stop the invasion. All we need is you!Main features:★ Tools of destruction - 30+ powerful arms in Armory★ Variety - You can control your hero with twinstick or 3rd person mode. Gamepad supported!★ Team up - multiplatform online multiplayer - play with your friends around the world through internet.★ Use tactics -  choose of 16 types of AI - controlled minions to attack, protect or support.★ Customization - there is a lot of characters, weapons and skins.★ The harsh beauty of the world of the future - vivid 3d graphics, looks great and runs great even on the old phones★ Shoot to kill - crazy high-speed gameplay!Game modes:★ Survive - stay alive, kill as many robots as possible!★ Defence - protect your base from hordes of enemy units★ Assault - destroy enemy mothership, and dont let to destroy yours!★ Team Assault - 2 teams, 2 bases, 8 players.★ Deathmatch - classic free for all mode.★ Team Deathmatch - become the strongest squad!The game is made by single indie developer. I hope you will like it!


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Kisunja - Free Shooting Games
Android 5.0+


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