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Lunch Hero Mod

Size:46.41 MB  Ver:0.32.3

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Modified Description

*MOD Features* 1. Unlimited Diamonds //Increase when you spent 2. Unlimited Gold //Exchange with diamonds from the shop


App Description

Hey, Hero. Your lunch has been stolen!Have you ever dreamed of being a legend in a vibrant fantasy world? Crush the enemies and have a great lunch!Choose the hero that matches your skills and style amongst the best mages and marksman of the world, all with different active skills and character!Being a popular action role-playing game, Lunch Hero is your dangerous bite-sized journey through the mysterious worlds of enchanted forests, ominous dungeons, and ancient fortresses. Wherever you go, you’ll confront countless hordes of monsters ready to fall victims to your power.Pick up a staff to release fiery fireballs and ice bolts when you need them, or grab a crossbow to hit a bull's eye to turn the tide of battle.The wonderful world of brave and charismatic heroes awaits you in this stunning battle adventure!CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES!Demons are coming! Enter the epic world of this challenging RPG adventure game! Draw your bow, ready your staff, pack your provisions, and prepare to save the kingdom! Crawl your way through different lively worlds, facing relentless monsters, mushrooms, zombies, golems, and CHICKENS! Shoot 'em up! Upgrade your heroes, manage resources, capture territories, and outwit your opponent warriors in this inspiring fantasy action game. Weave and slash your way through a medieval RPG full of golems, demons, and darkness!UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS!On the road to victory, you’ll encounter the most unusual enemies. Be prepared to confront these mighty creatures and save your kingdom! Each new level will become unforgettable due to a unique combination of your hero's skills and power-ups that you gather during the action in accordance with your chosen tactics. Use your strategy and hone your combat skills to get even more rewards and go even further through magical worlds full of dangerous creatures.ENJOY THE LEGENDARY GAME!Lunch Hero is an intensive mix of action RPG, dungeon crawler, bullet hell and roguelike games with colorful graphics, breathtaking locations, challenging modes, and exciting power-ups! Simple gameplay, different level experience, variety of opponents, unique heroes experience, rich rewards - all this will help you start your path to glory! If you are a fan of action RPG games, action shooters, fantasy-style dungeons, or monster-hunter knight games, you’ll never have an idle moment with Lunch Hero!MAIN FEATURES:● Hundreds of levels, each is uniquely designed!● A variety of heroes to choose from!● Deep strategy experience with active skills!● Easy controls and addictive gameplay!● Bite-sized gameplay. Pick up and drop whenever you want!● Ultra stunning graphics and realistic animations!● Try different tactics to achieve incredible results!● Improve your heroes' stats, become stronger and faster!● Explore many worlds and locations with unique monsters!● Enjoy simple and intuitive controls: now you can conquer the world with one finger!● Play offline: you can finish and start the same game session anytime, anywhere!● Never-ending content and regular updates for your ultimate game fun!START THE EPIC FIGHT FOR YOUR LUNCH!If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at: support@mpgames.rocksLunch Hero requires at least 768MB of RAM.The game IS NOT compatible with Android Go.


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Android 5.0+


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