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Spellbound Schoolgirls! Anime Girlfriend Game

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Unlock the magical secrets of three cute little witches!☆Synopsis☆It’s your first day at school and you’re one of the first male students at a former girls-only school! You’re a little nervous at first, but you’ve got supportive classmates to help you out. However, you soon realize that this isn’t just any school… It’s a school for wizards! And unfortunately, you’ve got no magical powers! Luckily, you befriend a couple of very cute little witches that help you fake your magic abilities. You soon find yourself enjoying a (somewhat unique) high school life! However, it seems like there’s a reason that you were invited to this school. It seems that you may have some kind of ability that no wizard has… Will you unlock the secrets of the school? Will you find your magical sweetheart? Find out in Spellbound Schoolgirls! ☆Characters☆The Cute Classmate - KanaKana sits next to you in class and can be a little shy at times, but is a curious soul with a tendency to get herself caught up in trouble. She’s also a surprisingly talented witch whose magical abilities will definitely prove useful. The Tsundere Class President - HarunaConsidered the “class mom,” Haruna is hugely popular among the other students and even has her own fan club. Though she can be very blunt, there’s a much kinder side to her that you might just get to see if you’re lucky enough. The Mature Student Council Head - MaiMai is one of the first people to find out you can’t use magic and helps you fake your magic abilities. She’s mature for her age and always seems to keep a level head, but she’s also very interested in unlocking the secrets of the school...


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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Android 5.0+


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