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Cooking DASH Adventures MOD

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App Description

Enjoy the best cooking games and time management game series! Explore "Diner DASH" (beauty restaurant), "Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant DASH" (hell chef), "Cooking DASH" (beauty chef) and more with millions of players, becoming one of more than 70 million DASH players member!

Cook the dishes, match the dishes, serve them on the table and decorate the restaurant! Play "Diner DASH Adventures", follow our protagonist Flo to open a heartwarming chapter, and return to her hometown with her to help the residents of these delicious towns and cute animals. Stop Mr. Big Badger and his villains from "cooking" their evil plans!
Create and manage restaurants, hotels, bakeries and many other places. Hundreds of unique cuisines are presented to diners. Design delicious towns freely and turn them into great saviors!

Fun cooking
• Set off a cooking frenzy in hundreds of fast-paced levels.
• Create personalized food, recipes and menus.
• Cooking fun: donuts, burgers, milkshakes and more-hundreds of dishes are presented one by one.
• Sweeping opponents in the kitchen industry: Team up with cookies and other top chefs to defeat Mr. Big Bad and other opponents
• From big restaurants, bakeries to fast food trucks, reproduce the hot cooking scene in a fast-paced game!

The best time management game experience
• Click to finish cooking, serving, and taking care of hundreds of diners.
• Match food based on customer orders.
• Hundreds of fun levels mixed with many challenges, enhancements, mini games and puzzles!
• Set off an upsurge in time management-a collection of DASH games in one place, fun to play between restaurants, hotels and more elements.
• Casual puzzle gameplay to meet players' challenges and amusement tastes.

Decoration · Renovation · Exploration
• Design and remodel restaurants, gardens, houses, cruise ships, buildings and many other places.
• Let the whole town take on a new look. Feel free to choose your favorite decoration.
• Choose from thousands of design and decoration combinations.
• You can also collect cute pets as partners.
• The road to adventure is just ahead. Discover the moving stories of "Diner DASH" (beauty restaurant) and get to know the lively characters.


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Android 6.0+


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