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The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter MOD

Size:61.65 MB  Ver:3.6.12

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Modified Description

1. Currencies Increase // when you use the Gold & Coins they won't ever decrease. You must have enough to purchase. Watch the video if confused 2. Unlimited Gas 3. Unlimited Karma 4. Unlimited Ammo/ No Reload 5. Unlimited Skills Points 6. Unlimited Perks Points 7. High Damage 8. ADS Removed // Enable any feature to disable ads. one of the features must be on for this to work.


App Description

The world after the zombie catastrophe is terrible. Born in it, you have to fight to survive and fight against all kinds of zombies, villains and dangerous monster bosses. You will embark on an important story journey and many sidetrack journeys, upgrade your skills and aura, buy and sell equipment, and communicate with other survivors, whether lucky or unfortunate.

Survival role-playing games and first-person shooters
Walking Zombie 2 is a great retro first-person shooter. The game has its own storyline, dozens of journeys, and many shooting elements and weapons. Your main enemy is the zombie who has dominated the world. They are omnipresent and diverse in type, and ultimately what they want is that they are crowded. You have to use firearms, grenades or fighting weapons equipped with different ammunition to overcome them. At the same time, you can use the medical first aid kit and food to let yourself heal. As the game progresses, your character will become stronger, equipment will be stronger, skills will be more skilled, and the aura will be more shocking. Do you want some more attack value? Do you want to increase the chance of unlocking? Should we reduce fuel consumption while traveling around the world?

* Super fun retro doomsday single-person first-person shooter
* Very attractive modern polygonal graphic style
* Cause and effect retribution mechanism-good and evil behavior will bring new options and encounters
* Dozens of stories and side trips
* Massive weapons, defense equipment and other equipment
* Weapon skin
* Various enemies-walking zombies, villains and mutant bosses
* Clearing transactions
* Fun mini games and sniper missions

The Son of Heaven
Your story is so tragic at the beginning, can the ending be successful? The environment around you when you were born determines that you are the only one who can save the world. You are immune to viruses that turn people and animals into zombies. This also makes you a perfect weapon against undead zombies and a symbol of a better tomorrow. With the comrades you met on the way, overcome the hidden dangers everywhere, find the truth of your life experience, and find the recipe for the antidote.


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Alda Games
Android 5.0+


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