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Game Bots - No Root | Botting 24/7 | Bots For Coc&Hayday etc

Size:34.87 MB  Ver:1.1.4

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Modified Description

2021/07/05 支付宝 1.0.1 ,自动收能量 2021/06/28 抖音极速版 1.0.0,自动刷视频,自动发表评论,自动刷广告赚金币 2021/06/25 Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars Bot v1.1.1,Automatic use of Shield added, Resource Gathering optimized. 2021/05.24 Arena of Valor : Switch custom equipment Bot 1.0.0,Supporting instant item swap in Build 3 2021/05.21 Arena of Valor : Switch to pre-order equipment Bot 1.0.0,Supporting instant swap for pre-purchased items 2021/05.19 王者荣耀秒换保命装 Bot 1.0.0,Supporting instant swap for 6 life-saving items 2021/05.17 王者荣


App Description

Gamebots is a 24/7 AFK tool for Android games, which doesn’t require your Android device to be rooted. It is perfectly safe and won’t be detected. Please download official games to make our bots work.

Clash of clansBot:#Auto collect#Training troops#Collecting resources#Auto Raid#Dead base#Upgrade building

HayDay Bot:#Auto plant#Auto harvest#Auto sale#Switch Accounts

Summoners War Bot:#Arena (Rival) #Farm Cairos Dungeon#Farm-Fodder#Rune Farming#Farm Cairos Dungeon

Brawl Start Bot:#Loop battle#Auto Combat#Grab map#Auto change hero

Tap Titans 2 Bot:#AFK Mod#Auto upgrade#Auto Prestige

Asphalt 9:Legends Bot:#My Career Mode#Multi-Player Mode

LAST SHELTER SURVIVAL BOT:#Auto Daily Activities#Auto Train Troops  #Auto Upgrade Building#Auto Gather Resources

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars Bot:#Daily Quests#Hero Adventure#Barracks Train#Upgrade Build#Gather Resources#Academy Research#Shield

League of Legends:Wild Rift Bot:#CO-OP VS.AI

王者荣耀 Bot:Instant item swap in Build 3, and instant swap for pre-purchased items and 6 life-saving items

Arena of Valor Bot: Instant item swap in Build 3, and instant swap for pre-purchased items 


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Game Bots
Android 5.0+


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