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Tap Titans 2 Mod

Size:103.08 MB  Ver:3.12.2

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Modified Description

1. Mod Menu 2. Coins Increase 3. Coins not decrease 4. Mana not decrease 5. No Skill Cooldown 6. Vip Features Enabled 7. Fairy Video Skip 8. Pet auto attack is active 9. Auto upgrade heros after prestige is active 10. Unlimited Fairys 11. All item sets bonus is active //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded (No working for relics boost) 12. Only fight with bosses 13. Hero scrolls level 20 //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded 1


App Description

The battle continues! Grab your sword and gather your heroes to battle mighty Titans in more than 70,000 levels. 

Enter tournaments, collect pets and become the ultimate sword master. 

An immersive Idle clicker RPG experience for all. The Titans are back, so join the adventure and tap tap tap to victory!

Discover the largest update in the history of Tap Titans 2 complete with a totally revamped clan system and bigger, badder Titan Lords. You and your friends will now be able to complete clan raids where battles are waged against an array of Titan Lords with individual points of attack on the body. Build a deck of skill cards to increase your effectiveness in battle. Enjoy massive gold and skill payouts from Clan Raid victories!

Download now and Tap Tap Tap!! 

๏ RAIDS introduce a whole new way to play with your clan, featuring new titan bosses with unique abilities, powerful rewards and a new combat system!
๏ HERO SCROLLS granted from completing raids allow you to upgrade your Sword master further than previously possible!
๏ TITAN LORDS have entered the raid arena with a brand new way to fight! Break off individual armour segments to expose the weaker skeleton underneath!
๏ CARD COLLECTING is the newest way to increase your Sword master’s power, granting powerful passive and active abilities to slay Titan foes!
๏ DUST is your new collectible currency for upgrading and crafting collectable cards.
๏ CLAN UPGRADES including clan XP and Raid Tickets give you more reasons to connect and play with fellow Sword masters!

◆ Features ◆ 
๏ ENJOY the full RPG experience on the go 
๏ TAP to defeat 150 all-new Titans in 14 gorgeous, hand-drawn realms 
๏ RECRUIT heroes and loyal pets to help you repel the Titan onslaught 
๏ UNLOCK unique skills to power up strategically
๏ PRESTIGE and cash in your progress for powerful artifacts and become stronger
๏ COLLECT equipments to customize your hero's looks and strengths to suit your play style 
๏ CREATE or join clans defeat the almighty Titan Lords with other players
๏ COMPETE against other players around the world in global tournaments to show off your strength and earn amazing prizes

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Role playing
Android 5.0+


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