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App Description

The tower of Triglav consisting of 50+ floors. Go for the top floor where the princess is captured, by searching for keys that open the doors to the next floor, by solving puzzles, and by monster hunting.
In a richly detailed pixel art dungeon exploring game, with a limited inventory, create your own unique character by combining items of over 2,500 types.

This is a smartphone version of the hack and slash type RPG released as an indie web game in 2002 and has been played by over 500,000 players.
Many audio and visual effects, such as sound effects and music, have been added which were not included in the original version.

■ Features
・ A roguelike free to play offline game that have many additional challenges. There is no ADs.
・ A dungeon crawler type game which the player completes 1 floor at a time with a limited inventory. Aim for the upper floor by obtaining the key that opens the door to the stairway.
・ Besides the floors inside the 50-story tower, you can also crawl around the variety-rich world including the dungeon and the map area outside the tower.
・ You'll be able to play smoothly by using only simple tap and swipe actions.
・ Illustrations and symbols will guide you through the quests and the story without relying on language.
・ You can create various character build by combining equipment like weapons, armors and accessories in different ways.
You can create characters freely. For example, you can make a character of the same class into a “defense type” who is hard as a wall, a “hit-and-run type” who prioritizes inflicting damage, or a “special type” who attacks enemies using special attacks.
・ Except for some of the online limited functions, you can play the game offline after you have downloaded it.

■ 3 Master Classes
You can choose your character from the 3 master classes.
・ SwordMaster: A class equipped with a sword, a shield and a great balance of offensive and defensive skills
・ AxeMaster: A class equipped with a two-handed axe and the power to defeat enemy with a single blow
・ DaggerMaster: A class equipped with a dagger in each hand and excellent agility

■ Shared Storage
You can store the items you have obtained in the Shared Storage and share them with your other characters in the same device. Items in the storage will not disappear even you lost all characters.

■ Puppet System
When the character is defeated by an enemy, the puppet will die in its place. If you don't have any puppet, the character will not be able to revive.
Puppets can also be used as items to strengthen the character's status for a given length of time or to recover life force.

■ Discord Community

■ Official Twitter

■ Soundtrack
YouTube: https://youtu.be/SV39fl0kFpg
Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2rCOTS5


Update Description

- Requires one more quest to enter to The Boundary. Added a NPC at the F32's room where entering from F39's door by using Starlight Key.
- Exchanged the NPCs between Grasslands #3 and Hollow Tree.
- Underworld #8 event card now has two difficulty levels tuned with the player level.
- Only on the Lunatic Cresik event card, one of the creature on the floor will drop a Push Button.
- Now you can close event card panel by tapping anywhere.


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Role playing
Android 5.0+


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